About Us

Proposed Mission Statement:

  • Encourage the responsible exploration of non-ordinary mental states, including the use of psychedelic drugs by qualified persons in safe and legal settings
  • Provide information that enables people to gain better control over their own minds, both in transcendental states and in everyday life. The lessons and insights gained from peak experiences can be transformative when properly integrated into our lives. My aim is to maximize the positive, therapeutic effects of peak experiences while minimizing the risks.
  • Share stories about my transcendental experiences. I guarantee that these will not be your average trip reports.
  • Spread reliable information and ideas on a topic that is fraught with misinformation and controversy.
  • Oppose the dogma, elitism, and pseudoscience that often plague discussions about psychedelics. There are numerous cultures and attitudes surrounding mystical states, ranging from Amazonian shamans to free-wheeling ravers. None of them has a monopoly on the “correct” way to view and undertake the psychedelic experience, but there are lessons to be learned from all approaches.
  • The Society does not engage in illegal activities during any of its events. Don’t get involved to illegally buy or sell substances.


Officers elected for calendar year 2017:

President: Jon

Vice PresidentP: Will

Secretary: Brittany

Treasurer: Aaron