Innovative Construction

These people are crooks

I thought that by using a licensed contractor, with a contract specifying a completion date, meant I was protected. The 4 months is about up, all I have is a slab and some framing, and no one has been on the site for 3 weeks. They have most of the money. They billed me for the third payment which was due after passing framing. They never had that inspection done.
The original contract said the second payment was due after passing framing.  I asked the completion date be 4 months instead of 6 months. Chad initialed the change and we signed.  They sent a Docusign that evening which showed the change. What I didn’t catch was they changed the terms – the second payment was due after slab and plumbing.
I now know when it comes to making a claim for abandonment, if ROC issues a Corrective work order, the respondent needs to be allowed a minimum of 15 days, plus time for mail delivery, to complete the corrective work. Statute specifies a minimum, not a maximum. If the respondent has completely stopped working and walked off the job and is not returning phone calls or emails, that could possibly be considered abandonment. ICT has left 2 ladders and a wheel barrow on site. Chad does return phone calls. This could go on forever. I have a house that is now uninhabitable.
Fortunately I was able to find a physical mailing address (not the PO box at Cherrybelle) at;sea… by “Innovative Construction” or US DOT #3032028. I mailed ICT a certified letter that the contract is over for the following reasons: breach of contract, damages, abandonment, poor workmanship, fraud, and misrepresentation.
I am going with a far more reputable company who should finish in 10 weeks.  I’m sure ICT would sue me for the balance of the contract if I wasn’t able to send them notice to a proper address by certified mail.
The remodel was only 345 square feet. They got $63000 for $20000 worth of work and I will have to pay another $73000 to complete the job, omitting a porch, for a job that should have been $85000.