Saturday Feb 09th at 12:30PM

Projects Underway:

  • Handouts: Brochures and pamphlets under development as hand-outs at tabling events; need content and assistance with writing, lay-out and/or graphic design;
    • 1st TPS Brochure finished – thank you Kate, Lanette, Will
      • Next Brochure: Psilocybin Mushrooms, ready for magic mushroom day September 20th.
      • Any printing suggestions
  • Outreach (or “Spread the word”): Find and/or share TPS news on,, Facebook & Instagram;

Upcoming Events:

  • Feb 8-10: Southwest Conference on Entheogenic Medicine
  • Sat Feb 09th 3pm : AZ4NORML marijuana meeting:
      • Guest Speaker Mikel Weisser
  • Sat Feb 16th 7pm: Gongs and Art in Concert
  • Sat Feb 16th 5pm to 10pm: A Celebration of Love & Potluck
    • Harmony and Health, 13554 W. Sacred Earth Pl.
  • Tue Feb 19th @ 6pm : Movie Night : The Last Shaman
  • Sat Feb 23th: Tucson Peace Fair and Music Festival
    • Armory Park : Let’s plan a TPS Raffle Prize Package
  • Thu Feb 29th 6pm: TPS Thursday Meeting
  • Sat March 30th: 2019 Blues and Brews Festival
  • April 6-7: Tucson Folk Festival (moved from May)
  • Fri April 19th: Bicycle Day, LSD informational outreach planning
  • Sat April 20th: 4/20 planning has started – Pima County Fair also

Any Events, concerts, or Festivals you would like us to attend? Let us know!

Mission Statement:

The Tucson Psychedelic Society (TPS) hereby recognizes the existence of a vast human need and potential for spiritual enlightenment, self-discovery, transcendental wisdom, emotional and psychological health, and intellectual freedom. Strictly in furtherance thereof, it is the resolute mission of TPS to:

  1. Support and encourage the responsible study and exploration of both ordinary and non-ordinary states of human consciousness, including by use of psychedelic drugs, or other substances, by qualified persons in safely controlled and legally sanctioned settings;
  2. Provide practical education and reliable, current information to people to properly assist them in utilizing valuable lessons and insights gained from peak experiences in order to effectively integrate such experiences into daily life, and in order to maximize the therapeutic effects while minimizing any possible negative effects from such experiences;
  3. Provide a forum for respectfully sharing and discussing transcendental experiences of any kind, and from any cultural or ethnic source, in both ordinary and non-ordinary states of human consciousness, and for exposing and discussing any known misinformation about psychedelic drugs or other substances capable of altering human consciousness;
  4. Emphasize that TPS does not engage in any illegal activities during any of its events and does not engage in any buying or selling of illegal substances.


  • Psychedelics: Have you been helped by them? Which ones? How were you helped?
  • Are you looking for help from psychedelics? What are you hoping for? Do you have any questions? (no questions is stupid, we are here to help you)
  • 40 Tips and ideas for a positive psychedelic experience –
  • Group Experiences: Thoughts? Planning?
    • Private gatherings, Raves and Concerts, Others?
    • Peyote Ceremony, Toad Medicine Ceremonies, Ayahuasca, Mushroom
  • What (else) should we do in 2019
  • Difficult experience training, Contacting
  • Burning Man/Regional Burn/Saguaro Man/Gem&Jam?
  • Salt River Float, Camping Trips, Spelunking?